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N.A.D Park

The city of Bremerton lies directly west of Seattle across Puget Sound on the Kitsap Peninsula. It is bounded by Sinclair Inlet and the Port Washington Narrows. The city has a thriving arts community and is home to the Bremerton Naval Shipyard.

A new tunnel has recently opened that routes ferry traffic downtown, and a waterfront fountain park blends water and art. It is also the home of the Norm Dicks Government Center. More by clicking here.

It’s a park

NAD Park, which stands for Naval Ammunition Depot, has a lot to offer. Its dumpy first impression, with a solitary decommissioned F-8 Crusader jet in the parking lot, belies its many hidden treasures. It has great disc golf courses, a scenic waterfront route, and optional trails outside the park’s boundaries.

The park’s history dates back to the late 1800s when it was a windswept area of dunes that became the site of the California Midwinter International Exposition. The exposition was the first world’s fair held west of the Mississippi River.

Located in Bremerton, WA, NAD is an ideal location for hiking and camping. It also offers a wide range of activities, including fishing and hunting. The best time to visit the park is spring and summer when the weather is warm and dry. This is when hiking and camping are most popular. But the park is also a good place for leaf-peeping and winter recreation.

It’s a museum

NAD Park is home to a variety of attractions. It used to be a naval ammunition depot, but now it’s a popular disc golf course and park with walking paths. The trails are well-maintained and the park is a great place to take a walk or bike ride.

The museum exhibits a wide range of topics relating to local history, including the USS Turner Joy, a historic warship that has been converted into a museum ship. The Puget Sound Navy Museum also features artifacts and photos highlighting the region’s cultural history.

A large playground fashioned into a castle-like design is another attraction in NAD Park. It features a climbing wall, slides, tunnels, and swings. The playground is open year-round. It is located off Stampede Blvd NW next to the Kitsap Fairgrounds & Events Center. It is accessible by bus and ferry. It is part of the Bridge to Bridge Urban Trail that connects neighborhoods and community businesses in downtown Bremerton and Manette. Browse around this site.

It’s a playground

After a dumpy first impression and a wander past the decommissioned F-8 Crusader, NAD Park has a lot to offer. The park and a path outside the park have lots of military history, disc golf, great trails, and a scenic waterfront route that will bring you back again and again.

The park was named for two Bremerton natives who were killed in World War I, William E. Callahan and Edward E. Kelly. The park is also home to a beautiful beach, which is a popular spot for swimming, kayaking, and fishing. Dogs are allowed on the beach, but they must be kept on leash.

The park has recently undergone a renovation, including new playground equipment and spray showers. The project was made possible by the help of volunteers from the community, including a group from NSB Bangor and Lowe’s hardware store. The team worked over three weekends to paint and repair the restrooms, re-roof the picnic area, re-built benches, and a horseshoe pit, and refresh the beauty bark.

It’s a boat launch

NAD Park has a boat launch for Linkhorn Bay, Broad Bay, and the Narrows. The Narrows connects Broad Bay to the sea and is a great place for fishing. The Narrows is also popular with shell fishers and kayakers.

The NAD park is an old military site with lots of history. It was once a Naval Ammunition Depot and is now a public park that offers trails, beaches, picnic areas, a marina, moorage, and a historic bell tower. Its most notable feature is a decommissioned F-8 Crusader jet.

The NAD Park has a disc golf course that is open year-round. The course is a little small, but the checkpoints are well-distributed and it’s a good workout. You can also rent discs from the NAD’s shop. The NAD park has a history of wartime munitions cleanups. The park is maintained by a crew of volunteers from the Bremerton area and East Bremerton Lowe’s Hardware store. Check Out This Info.



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