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Puget Sound Navy Museum

Puget Sound Navy Museum

The Puget Sound Navy Museum is a great way to learn about naval history. It is a free museum that has two floors and a lot of information.

It is located next to the ferry terminal in downtown Bremerton. It was founded in 1954. It is part of the Navy Museums Northwest group of museums. Read this first!


In Puget Sound, where there are ships, mariners will invariably follow. Visiting maritime museums is an inexpensive, educational, and fun way to discover the area’s rich history. The Navy Museum of the Pacific Northwest is one such place.

The museum occupies the historic Building 50 at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, Washington. The museum features a variety of exhibits, including one dedicated to the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis, as well as a gift shop, research library, and children’s area.

In 1879, Navy Lieutenant Ambrose Barkley Wyckoff made a hydrographic survey of upper Puget Sound and Commencement Bay and concluded that the area would make an ideal location for a first-class repair facility. Wyckoff began a relentless campaign to get Congress to approve the project. He was aided by the fact that the country was about to enter a depression, which made it hard for him to get opposition.


The museum has many artifacts to explore, and there are interesting informational displays on the history of the area. It also hosts public programs and educational opportunities for students.

The black sail of the USS Parche spy submarine stands outside the museum on Farragut Street. It was the most decorated submarine in the Navy, but its missions remain classified. Visitors can learn more about its operations on the museum’s website.

This museum is a must-see for naval history fans. It is free and is located in a historic building next to the Bremerton ferry terminal. Its exhibits cover two floors and include many photographs and equipment. It even has an interactive section for kids that shows life on aircraft carriers and submarines.

The Puget Sound Navy Museum is a wonderful place for the whole family. It is easy to reach by car or the Seattle-Bremerton Ferry, which takes about an hour from downtown Seattle. It is a great way to see the famous shipbuilding town of Bremerton and its stunning waterfront. Here is another spot to visit.


The Puget Sound Navy Museum is an official naval museum managed by the Navy’s history and heritage command. It’s located in Historic Building 50, which was built by the Navy to serve as its administrative headquarters. Bremerton funded renovations and leased the facility for use as an official museum.

The museum’s upper floor depicts life aboard the aircraft carrier USS John C Stennis. Each sailor has a specific role, identified by the color of their shirt: purple shirts fuel the planes, yellow shirts direct movement, and green shirts operate the catapults.

Outside the museum, you can admire the black sail of the Sturgeon-class USS Parche spy submarine. And don’t forget to cool off at the Harborside Fountain Park, a beautiful two-acre park with five copper-ringed fountains shaped like the sail of a modern submarine. The fountains erupt in sequence about once every thirty seconds, then all at once for an impressive water show. For more family fun, check out the free weekly Macaroni KID Kitsap eNewsletter or the Kitsap County Kid Guide.


The Puget Sound Navy Museum Bremerton WA is one of the ten official naval museums in the US and is operated by the Naval History and Heritage Command. The museum collects, preserves, and interprets the naval heritage of the Pacific Northwest for the benefit of the Navy and the public.

The museum offers many amenities, including a gift shop and research library. The museum also has a children’s area to keep families engaged. PSNM is open year-round, except on New Year’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

The museum is located in the historic waterfront city of Bremerton at 251 1st Street. It is a 1-hour drive from Seattle and can be reached by taking the car ferry (60 minutes) or the pedestrian ferry (30 minutes). After your visit to the museum, consider visiting Anthony’s restaurant and Hampton Inn on Bremerton’s waterfront, or cooling off at the stunning Harborside Fountain Park nearby. Click here for more interesting articles.



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