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Realtors & Property Managers

Real estate Agents:

If you are a real estate agent that needs help getting houses ready for listing, look no further. We want to be your go-to exterior cleaning service to shine up those houses before listing pictures. With real estate agents, we understand there is sometimes a crunched timeline to get the property on the market at the right time. We do our best to accommodate your timeline to get the project finished on time before pictures are scheduled.

If you have your clients reach out to us directly please make sure they let us know this is for a real estate listing, and who they are working with

Questions we will have:

  • What’s the list timeline?
  • When are pictures scheduled?
  • What services are we looking to do on this project?
  • Are there any other contractors that we will need to coordinate timelines with?
  • Is this being paid normally? Or is it being paid out of escrow?


Property Managers:

Single-family, multi-family, condo/apartment complex, neighborhood, or business, there is no job too big or small. With a combination of our services, we partner with property managers to help relieve some of your maintenance headaches. If you manage properties and need help with some exterior maintenance, we are the company you’re looking for.

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