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Here at Cornerstone Cleaning, we offer high-level exterior cleaning services. Our services include window cleaning, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and soft washing. Our goal is to help you maintain the appearance of your house.


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Window Cleaning:
Please upload a picture of each side of the building, as far back as possible. All windows need to be pictured. If you can’t get all windows in one picture per side, please change your angle and add a second photo to show any of the hidden windows.If you have more then 4 pictures that we need to see to get you an acurate estimate please email the extra ones to with your address in the subject line

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Roof Cleaning

We clean composition roofs, tile roofs, metal roofs, and flat roofs. All of our composite roof cleanings are cleaned with a wire brush.

Moss typically grows in the cracks between each shingle. As it grows thicker, it lifts and loosens shingles and can allow water to leak through.

Although this is less common, we still see it a lot. We refer to it as “face moss” This is where the moss grows over the face of the shingle. To clean face moss properly, it will include 1-3 pre-treatments so we do not cause damage to your roof when removing the face moss.

Our process involves:

  • Removing the moss
  • Air-blowing excess debris off of the roof
  • Cleaning out the gutters
  • Applying moss treatment
  • Air-blowing decks, walkways, and driveways
  • Removing roof and gutter debris off-site
  • You’ll be amazed at the end result!

Our Warranty: With applying our moss treatment, we guarantee no moss for 12 months! If moss grows within that time, we will remove it at no cost to you. If you keep up on maintenance moss treatment every 12 months your warranty will extend for the following 12 months.


Our eco-friendly moss treatment will prevent moss from continuing to grow on your roof. We highly recommend going on a treatment plan, as one stand-alone treatment will not keep moss off your roof long-term. Contact us for more information about our moss treatment plans.

Reason to have your roof treated- even if there isn’t moss growth.

  • Prevents and detours moss growth
  • Puts years of life back on your roof
  • Helps prevent leaks and soft spots
  • It’s more cost-effective than a big roof cleaning.
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